• Host in Ireland

      Host in Ireland 

      Host in Ireland is an industry-led initiative designed to raise awareness of Ireland as the home of the hybrid cloud. Our goal is to change and shape global industry perceptions through the provisioning of timely and accurate information. With the support of a growing team of partners, Host in Ireland has harnessed the “power of the collective”, fostering an environment of co-opetition where competing companies and organizations come together to achieve common goals through cooperation and collaboration. Address: Host in Ireland The Mews Eagle Valley Power

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    • ICPMA


      ICPMA (INTERNATIONAL CONSTRUCTION PROJECT MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION) ICPMA is all about us, the members, and we are in a period of development and growth, in a drive enhance the strength of our organisation. We want to extend our membership to create wider benefits for all. Our members are academics, consultants, contractors and clients who are active in CPM. We are searching for new active members, who can contribute to the exchange of knowledge and best practice, and who can also share information and experiences between regions and generations. We want to increase the number and scope o

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